NIDLP accomplishes 120 initiatives 2 years ahead of schedule: CEO

More than 120 of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program’s (NIDLP) initiatives were completed two years before the scheduled deadline, CEO Suliman Almazroua stated at the NIDLP’s annual ceremony.

He said that this progress confirms the maturity of the executive authorities and their ability to implement goals, as most of the program’s goals have been achieved now even though they were expected to be realized in 2025.

Saudi Arabia achieved record numbers in 2023, at diverse levels, including renewable energy, factories, logistical platforms, logistical licenses, and military industry licenses.

He pointed out the qualitative achievements that were accomplished during 2023, including the launch of four special economic zones (SEZs) to form a new possibility for specific industries and to stimulate logistical centers.

The mining sector hit record numbers in terms of non-oil revenues, surveying, and exploration licenses.

The program's executive performance leapt by more than 17 degrees, to 87% since 2023-start. Similarly, the disbursement rate hit 90%, the highest since the beginning of the program.

Almazroua stated that non-oil exports of services and re-exports also saw record numbers in 2023.

In addition, job creation was the highest in 2023 with more than 200,000 jobs, in addition to 80,000 jobs for citizens, representing 60% of the jobs provided by the Saudi economy.

Source: Argaam